Sad days ahead

August 17, 2007

The last few days on the homestead have been a little rough. Momma J is coming to the end of her maternity leave (in Canada it’s a year), and I can tell she’s a little sad that she won’t be spending everyday with the little guy.

On the other hand, I think Baby G is going to love daycare. He’s always hated sitting around the house. On weekends we have to get out of the house by noon or he becomes an angry little fella. He also loves other kids. He’s got this thing about stealing their toys and food, which doesn’t reflect well on us as parents, even though we can’t stop him.

In the end, I’m sure it will all work out. I feel daycare is going to do wonders for him. I’ve read kids develop faster around their peers. We’ve actually seen this in action – he started pulling himself up a day after hanging around two of his buddies that have been doing it for a month or so. Soon he’ll be walking and talking, which I’m sure, will make Momma J and I yearn for days gone by.


Cursing kids

May 17, 2007

Baby G is a few months away from his first curse. After watching the entire first season of Deadwood, I’m sure it’s going to be cocksucker. Of course, I’m hoping he doesn’t have a potty mouth, and I find myself trying not to swear around him, but it’s tough to break old habits.

We’re certainly not going to encourage it like some parents do. I’m hoping it’s surprise like with these folks.

This one is kind of funny. Thanks Jen!

This is just bad parenting, and I’m afraid of my son going to school with kids that have been raised by people like this.

Online “chores” child’s play

May 16, 2007

Apparently parents are leaning on their kids to do a lot of the household “work” when it comes to the Internet, according to a new study by Stars for Kidz.

I found it surprising that 14 per cent of the kids in the survey helped their with income tax. I’m not so sure I would be giving personal income tax information to my child, especially when I’m tense about handing it off to my accountant. I know you want to trust your kids, but giving them that kind of information is a bit dangerous.

I do, however, think it’s a great idea to get the kids working on stuff like directions to the supermarket and sending e-mails to family you don’t want to speak to consistent basis.

I’m not alone

May 9, 2007

This article really sums up what it’s like to be a parent. Although I would love to fall into the super parent category – the mellow guy who secretly runs a multinational corporation on the side – I’m not.

I often find myself worrying about things that I have no control over – Baby G’s big head for example. Even though everything seems fine, I still think bad thoughts when he’s tired and dropping his head to the ground because he has run out of steam at the end of the day. I also worry when he wakes up yelling in the middle of the night, even though it’s because he lost his soother or he has gas. And this is only the beginning.

That said, I’m still amazed how wonderful the little guy makes me feel when I walk in the door at the end of the day and he flashes me one of his goofy smiles. It certainly makes all the worry and work worthwhile.

The kid has found his voice

May 8, 2007

And now it begins.

Baby G discovered that yelling gets him things this week. Today, he lay on the floor yelling/crying up a storm until Momma J took him outside. A few days ago, he yelled when I took a toy out of his hands, which was the first time I noticed he had an opinion.

Up to this point, he’s been pretty quiet and passive, so this new phase is a bit of a surprise for us. In general, he isn’t bad, and to be honest, his yelling/crying is kind of amusing. The only wrinkle it adds to our lives is the fact we’re not really sure what is wrong with him when he decides to exercise his new-found voice – sometimes he has a dirty diaper, sometimes he’s hungry, other times he’s tired and once in a while he’s just plain pissed off. Before it was pretty easy to tell what was up.

We are thinking his increased mobility and the long summer days – not to mention waiting for the first tooth to come through – are making him more prone to staying awake, which in turn is making him a little grumpy and leads to the yelling fits.

For the most part, we are trying to react slowly to his fits to show him that we’re not going to cave in every time he decides he doesn’t like something. However, I must admit, it’s not easy to let him go on, as it shatters the general peacefulness of the house, so we cave a little more than we probably should.


April 30, 2007

After so many grey winter months, it’s nice to finally get outside with the little guy to let him enjoy the warm weather and the great parks the city has to offer.

Baby G in a swing

Tired, really tired

April 29, 2007

Baby G has gone from sleeping most of the night to waking up every few hours. Add to this the fact, he’s got an opinion and an impressive pair of lungs, and it’s leading to a lack of sleep for Momma J and I.

We’re guessing (and hoping) it’s just a tooth coming through that’s causing him to wake up so much. As mentioned before, we’re still a bit worried about his big head, which is a little unsettling.

All the signs point to teething though. He’s coming along developmentally – pushing himself around and getting pissed when we take toys away from him. Also, he’s alert and has no problem holding his head up. Nevertheless, once a doctor plants the seed that there could be something wrong, it’s difficult to get it out.

If it is a tooth, we haven’t seen it yet. He is more reluctant to let us look in his mouth, so we think one is on the way. For a few weeks, I’ve thought I’ve felt a little lump on his lower left gum, but nothing has broken through yet.

I’m sure we’ll see something a few days though.