Ouch, I’m getting old

February 25, 2008

My back is killing me. I seem to have put it out playing hockey again. Last time I felt like this, I had to go to the massage therapist for an adjustment. It all worked out in the end, and my back was fine for a few months, but every time I played hockey, I worried that I was going to put it out again.

I guess this is what happens as you grow older. During the game last night, I was thinking about getting older a lot. I guess it was really feeling the pain, and the hockey wasn’t particularly fast – this is what goalies do during a slow game in case you were wondering.

One thing that freaks me out is injury. As a father of a toddler who is very squeezable, I want to make sure I’m in good enough shape to pick up the little fella for a good long time. And every time some guy runs into me, I cringe, thinking I’m going to mess my back, arm, hand or head up. Of course, this never happens, but as I grow older, I know it’s just a matter of time before my ability to recover from injuries slows down to the point I’ll have to consider a back up roll between the pipes.