What to expect…

A collection of thoughts on politics, sports, family life and other things that cross my mind from time to time.

The guy who writes infrequently on this blog is a Dad in his mid-30’s, who enjoys discussing ideas, the world and the city in which he lives.

Recently (2008), updates have been inconsistent due to family-life, socializing, work, late-night hockey, and distractions. But my loyal two or three fans need not worry, I’m not going anywhere.

From my limited research, a lot of bloggers run up against a wall. Some give up, while others seem to come to the realization that it’s OK not to write something every day. I’m of the later ilk. I’ll be around, just not all the time.

Cheers, and enjoy.


3 Responses to What to expect…

  1. The Right Side of Your Brain says:

    Move East young man, move East.

  2. killahmullet says:

    Not bad advice, I’ve contemplated it in the past.

  3. Test says:



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