Kids and scraps, all a part of the daycare experience

After putting away Baby G’s food this morning, I walked out of the daycare kitchen to find the little guy in a full-blown scrap with his buddy. They were wrestling over who was going to be able to sit in one of two vibrating chairs that were sitting side-by-side.

As a father, I must admit I was a little proud the little guy was holding his own against a kid who can walk and is about two inches taller. However, I was wondering if I should step in a stop them. After looking over at the daycare worker who didn’t seem all that concerned, I walked away chuckling to myself, thinking the kids must do this all the time. As I was walking out the door, Baby G’s buddy came running across the daycare crying. I guess the little guy got the best of him.

I felt a little bad for not stopping them, and told Momma J about the incident. We’ve both heard Baby G takes stuff from one of the girls in his group, and we are getting a little concerned he is a bully.

When we returned later on, the daycare workers said not to worry, as the kids tend to work it all out themselves. Apparently they all come up on the short end of the stick from time to time, which results in some crying and a few minutes of being upset. In the end, it all evens out.


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