Parents and Internet photo concerns

When I first started posting photos of Baby G on Flickr, I had privacy concerns. I kept them private in order to keep them out of the hands of creeps and weirdos. So far, I think this has worked – or I hope it has worked.

This story about a mother who found her son’s photos were scalped freaks me out. I hope the photos weren’t locked off. I’ll be e-mailing Flickr to ensure this is not the case. If it is, I’ll be taking my photos down, which it too bad because it’s great to have a place where friends and family can come to view new photos of Baby G.

I don’t want to be in the same shoes as the mother in the news story. It would be awful to have to explain to Baby G that somebody has taken photos of him from a website and used them in this way.

The other thing about the story that weirds me out is the fact companies took and used photos. What were they thinking? Don’t they have lawyers? If you want to use a person in an ad, you need their permission. If it’s a kid, you need their parent’s permission. It doesn’t matter if its on a public website or not.


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