Banned from daycare

On Monday, we dropped Baby G off for his first half day alone at daycare. When I returned to pick him up, I asked how he was doing and got the response every parent dreads: “Not very well.”

Apparently, he broke into a fever around 10 a.m. that was running over a 100 degrees Fahrenheit when I arrived. I was asked to take him home and not to return until he temperature dropped below 100 without the aide of medication. On my way to the doctor’s office that afternoon, I came to the realization our lives were going to be filled with these little episodes. For some reason, it had never really hit me before.

I’m off tending to the little guy today. Momma J was on Baby G watch yesterday. We had planned to get him back to daycare this morning because he temperature had dropped back normal, but he broke out in a rash yesterday afternoon – he’s not allowed to return to daycare until the rash is gone.

Thankfully both of our workplaces are great, and our bosses understand stuff happens when you have kids. Whenever these things happen, I find myself thinking about single parents or couples that don’t have the same luxuries that we do. It must be one heck of a struggle.


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