The kid has found his voice

And now it begins.

Baby G discovered that yelling gets him things this week. Today, he lay on the floor yelling/crying up a storm until Momma J took him outside. A few days ago, he yelled when I took a toy out of his hands, which was the first time I noticed he had an opinion.

Up to this point, he’s been pretty quiet and passive, so this new phase is a bit of a surprise for us. In general, he isn’t bad, and to be honest, his yelling/crying is kind of amusing. The only wrinkle it adds to our lives is the fact we’re not really sure what is wrong with him when he decides to exercise his new-found voice – sometimes he has a dirty diaper, sometimes he’s hungry, other times he’s tired and once in a while he’s just plain pissed off. Before it was pretty easy to tell what was up.

We are thinking his increased mobility and the long summer days – not to mention waiting for the first tooth to come through – are making him more prone to staying awake, which in turn is making him a little grumpy and leads to the yelling fits.

For the most part, we are trying to react slowly to his fits to show him that we’re not going to cave in every time he decides he doesn’t like something. However, I must admit, it’s not easy to let him go on, as it shatters the general peacefulness of the house, so we cave a little more than we probably should.


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