Tired, really tired

Baby G has gone from sleeping most of the night to waking up every few hours. Add to this the fact, he’s got an opinion and an impressive pair of lungs, and it’s leading to a lack of sleep for Momma J and I.

We’re guessing (and hoping) it’s just a tooth coming through that’s causing him to wake up so much. As mentioned before, we’re still a bit worried about his big head, which is a little unsettling.

All the signs point to teething though. He’s coming along developmentally – pushing himself around and getting pissed when we take toys away from him. Also, he’s alert and has no problem holding his head up. Nevertheless, once a doctor plants the seed that there could be something wrong, it’s difficult to get it out.

If it is a tooth, we haven’t seen it yet. He is more reluctant to let us look in his mouth, so we think one is on the way. For a few weeks, I’ve thought I’ve felt a little lump on his lower left gum, but nothing has broken through yet.

I’m sure we’ll see something a few days though.


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