Close to crawling

The little fella is nearly capable of crawling, which is a little scary considering we have a limited amount of space for him to move around in. Right now, he’s having trouble getting his chubby belly off the ground, but he’s able to drag himself from place to place with ease.

As I watch him mark up one of the hip tables we bought before his arrival, I’m thinking I’m finally going to have to be patient in the coming months. I’m pretty sure he’ll be dropping half-eaten crackers on our nice couch and chair, and he’ll probably mess up the carpet too. Right now we keep a couple of drop zones up, but with his new found mobility, I’m sure he’ll be escaping from them on a regular basis soon.


2 Responses to Close to crawling

  1. iqaluitdog says:

    Pretty sure he’ll be dropping half-eaten crackers? Probably mess up the carpet? Trust me, he WILL! The only way to prevent it – encase the entire house in plastic wrap. Even then, he’ll find the one space you missed!

  2. killahmullet says:

    I know, I know. But you can hope!

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