Teething ain’t so bad, so far…

The little guy has been a little cranky lately due to his first tooth trying to poke through. Luckily all that’s changed is his reluctance to go to bed every once in awhile. For Momma J this is a big deal, because like the little guy, she’s a woman of routine. Once his routine is broken, she begins to worry something is wrong with him.

After feeling around his mouth this morning, it was pretty evident a tooth was on the way. He was also loving the fact someone was rubbing the sore area of his gums, and was glad to let me poke around in there for a bit. Lessons learned in the past tells me I won’t be doing this for long though.

A few years ago my niece had just got a few teeth in and I decided to poke around in her mouth to see if any others were on their way. Like Baby G, she was happy to have someone rubbing her gums for a minute, and then she suddenly decided it might be better to chew on this thing in her mouth. When she chomped down, I was able to get my finger out quickly, but not without a little pain and some skin breakage.

My brother, who had tried the same thing a few days before, thought it was pretty funny, and being a good brother, he also didn’t warn me about the dangers before I tried to play dentist. I’m hoping I can get him back when a few of Baby G’s teeth come in.

I’ve heard teething can be pretty bad for the little ones, and I’m hoping this isn’t the case for the little fella.


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