If I had a million dollars…or at least US $479

When I was growing up in Prince George, my friends and I often dreamed of being able to party with the legendary Motley Crue.

Well thank goodness for aging rockers! Now for a measly five hundred US dollars, I can embrace “my Wild Side” by setting sail with the Vince Neil and some of his rocker buddies on a Motley Cruise. That’s right, four days of debauchery on the high seas with the band’s legendary¬† front man and Carnival Cruises.

If any of the people who are on his MySpace page show up, it would be a pretty trashy affair to say the least. Sadly, now that I’m a responsible dad, I can’t really justify spending portions of my son’s education fund to hang out with a boatload of ex-strippers and wrinkly, long-haired forty somethings.


2 Responses to If I had a million dollars…or at least US $479

  1. iqaluitdog says:

    where do you find this shit…and find the time to find it!!!!

    sign me up! one last kick at the can!

  2. killahmullet says:

    I came across it at work while reading the Vancouver Sun, plus time on the Internet has replaced TV watching. And after the Canuck’s perdformance last night, it looks like I will even have more time to surf the web to find this stuff.

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