Spring has sprung

April 2.JPG

Originally uploaded by killahmullet.

In Japan, people get drunk under cherry trees when they blossom.

Unfortunately, in Vancouver the VPD would come and crack you over the head if you decided to break out a blue tarp and drink a few “pops” under the cherry trees, while barbequing a few skewers of chicken.

To avoid such a scenario, I decided to forgo beer and just take photos of the little guy under some cherry trees on a beautiful spring day. You can see he was thrilled! Even if he wasn’t, I was – it’s been a pretty grey, rainy winter.


2 Responses to Spring has sprung

  1. aL says:

    That is beautiful, reminds me of the nice trip there a few years ago. Still have to say Vancouver is one of the nicest place ever.


  2. killahmullet says:

    It’s not bad if you don’t mind a few months of rain. When the sun hits, the attitude of the city changes – people smile a bit more, and everyone gets out to enjoy the weather.

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