Mr. Mom: Day 6, Daddy brain and nice people

While hanging out with a friend in a cafe yesterday, I realized I’m starting to forget things.

When she asked what I was doing this weekend, I knew I had plans, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t remember what the heck I was planning to do. Due to the fact I’ve been concentrating on the little fella and his needs so much, I think I’m starting to develop short-term memory loss.

I finally remembered what Baby G and I are doing on the weekend when we were riding the SkyTrain home, but it took some concentration and thinking to conjure up the plan. Luckily, I’ve been writing a lot of stuff down in my day timer (something Momma J does too), which has definitely helped me to keep track of what is going on this week.

During our outing yesterday, I left Baby G with my friend for 45 minutes so I could run a couple of errands. When I returned, we chatted a bit, and she was surprised how nice people were to her when she had the baby with her. This is something I’ve noticed during the week as well. Often people smile at you, or they will open a door. And in shops, staff is more helpful than usual. It’s really quite wonderful.

On the way home, Baby G and I experienced it again while getting on the SkyTrain. On the way to the train, I was a bit worried about the crowds because it was nearing rush hour. When we arrived on the platform, a train had just pulled away so we were standing at the front of the crowd for the next one. As it pulled up, I could feel the crowd swell around me, and then I heard a guy say, “let the baby on first”. This stopped everyone, and they let us on to get a seat without any pushing or shoving.

During the ride, a woman sat beside me, who was also a mother. She mentioned riding the trains is a bit easier with a child. I’m thinking maybe I should take him to work with me everyday to guarantee a seat!


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