Mr. Mom: Day 3, close encounter with Germy Guy

After a rough morning of grumping and crying, Baby G and I hit the road for lunch.

I’ve come to realize the little guy is a lot like his mom: he likes to get out of the house and do stuff. Unlike me, who can sit around drinking coffee and reading, he gets pretty cranky and bored when sitting around. I guess I can’t blame him, as I would probably get tired of the same old bobbly toys, vibrating chair and Exersaucer after awhile – come to think of it, I’d probably do OK with just the vibrating chair.

Anyway, we hit the road at 11:30 a.m. for a lunch date with Jennifer, whose elbow injury stories had me wincing. Lunch was great as usual – check Lupo Cafe out if you’re ever in Vancouver – and so was sitting around reading the newspaper after Jennifer went back to work while the little guy napped. If there’s anything I’ve learned after Day 1, it’s not to wake a sleeping baby.

After the little guy woke up, I fed him, fearing the whole time he would piss people off with his whining during the middle portion of the bottle when I break him for a burp. In the end, he drank the whole bottle and didn’t whine at all when he was burped. Next we headed out for an hour and a half walk, which he slept through most of.

When we were done, we jumped on the SkyTrain to head home. During the ride a guy, who looked a little drunk, but was totally harmless, reached out and touched the little guy’s hand. Feeling the bad Irish blood in me begin to boil, I had to hold myself back from saying anything because it was harmless enough, but the whole time I was thinking “what kind of germs does that guy have on his hands?” Needless to say, I washed Baby G’s hand as soon as we got home to ensure he didn’t come down with some crappy cold from rubbing his face.

I know the whole episode makes me sound a little over protective, but these are the thoughts that go through your mind as a parent – especially when it’s a few days after he just fought off a cold that kept him and us awake for a couple of days.

Other than the minor transit incident, things have been going fairly well so far. I’ve even managed to start packing up a few things to get our house ready to sell when Momma J returns.


One Response to Mr. Mom: Day 3, close encounter with Germy Guy

  1. Jennifer says:

    I was totally laughing! I would have probably punched the guy if he tried to do that to me. . .let alone if I had a baby!

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