Mr. Mom

Momma J has left the house! That’s right, it’s just me and Baby G until March 19 when she returns from her Hong Kong vacation.

So far things are OK. I overcame my first fear last night by waking up to feed him at 2 a.m. Normally, Momma J takes care of this feeding when I’m working. Sometimes I pitch in on weekends to help out, but generally I sleep through until morning.

To ensure I would hear the little fella, I slept on a foamy in his room. It worked really well.  I heard him before he cried. Fed him, and then hit the sack again until 7 a.m. He seemed pretty happy, and is doing quite well today.

Yesterday he was a bit grumpy. I’m not sure if it was because Momma J was leaving, or if it was because he was a little off of his normal schedule. Today we’re heading into the office together, so we’ll see if the bad mood is repeated later on.


2 Responses to Mr. Mom

  1. maki says:

    Hello Ken

    So momma J is in Hongn Kong?
    And you look after baby G just by yourself?
    I think THIS will never happen in Japan.
    momma left baby and hus at home and go on a holiday!!!
    That’s great>
    I should find a foreign husband.

    I hope Momma J have a really good and refreshing time in there.

    take care


  2. killahmullet says:

    Hey Maki!

    I was thinking about you today as I cleaned up the apartment – another thing you probably wouldn’t find a Japanese man doing. Anyway, I came across a letter you sent me, and I realized I’d been remiss in writing you.

    I’m glad you are reading my posts and hope you are well. Yes, Momma J is having a great time in Hong Kong. She is shopping and eating a lot, so I’m sure she’s going to be pretty refreshed when she gets back!

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