It’s too late to be typing this

Our little angel is finally struggling with teething, we think. Right now it’s 3 a.m. Momma J and I have both been up every 30 minutes since 10 p.m. soothing the poor little guy.

We both knew his great sleep habits would come to an abrupt halt when his teeth started to come in, but it doesn’t make getting up or being awake any easier. Not that it’s that bad, as I get to spend more time with the little fella than normal. I just know tomorrow is going to be a bit of a bitch.

I’m still counting my lucky stars that he wasn’t a colic kid!

Another thing that seemed to have messed him up is our first family holiday. This weekend, we packed him up and drove to Whistler. He was pretty amazing in the car, only fussing near the end of the two-hour trip both ways.

After arriving, he had a rough night, waking up every hour or so. Once he settled in the next day, he did OK, but the trip back may have screwed him up again.

I’m hoping this is the case, and the teething thing is still a little way down the road, as Momma J is off to Hong Kong for 10 days starting Saturday. Sure this means lots of hockey watching and lazing around the house, but if he’s a mess due to teeth coming in, I’m not going to be sleeping a whole heck of a lot on my holiday.

Oh well, it’ll just mean more hugs for the little guy throughout the night.


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