Fear of sickness, or worse…

Since becoming a parent I’ve noticed I’m a lot more concerned about my health and longevity. I’ve stopped doing some things I did in the past that may have been risky, and I find myself affected a lot more by stories of sickness I hear on the news.

I think I really kicked into self-preservation mode a few days ago when I threw away a lunch that had been in my backpack for and entire day and night. Normally, I don’t put my lunch in the fridge because my office isn’t super hot. But because I had been away from the office working at a trade show, I had neglected to eat my lunch the day before instead opting for a hot meal at the mall.

Upon my return to the office the next day, I opted to bring the old lunch, thinking I could eat it no problem, as I had done this in the past; it’s also easier than packing a new lunch in morning. When I opened it, I looked at it and paused. It looked fine, but I realized it hadn’t been in the refrigerator for two days.

In the past, I wouldn’t have given this any thought if it didn’t smell bad. Now, mostly because we have a little guy who is so much fun, I find myself trying to stay healthy. I want to be around for as long as possible to watch and help him grow up.

It’s strange shift, as I feel more conservative and fearful. But it’s a good one because I think he’ll probably be happy I’m around in the long term.


2 Responses to Fear of sickness, or worse…

  1. pluckymama says:

    I totally agree. I’ve totally changed the way I live since having a child. I’m definitely more effected by the news too!

  2. killahmullet says:

    Before Baby G was born, a friend told me I would stary thinking a lot more about my health. I didn’t believe him then, but it seems to be ringing true now.

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