Study: TV causes kids physical harm

If watching TV is this bad, imagine what studies are going to say about video games in a couple of years.

According to the new study, watching too much TV can be extremely detrimental to a kid’s health. Apparently long periods viewing television raises the risk of triggering autism, bad eyesight, obesity and premature puberty. Yikes!

Considering the health problems many kids are having these days, this study doesn’t really say anything that we haven’t already figured out. However, the fact it is so much a part of people’s everyday lives, it is difficult to break routine even if it means you and your children’s health will benefit.

As much as we try not to put the little guy in front of the boob tube, there are times in the evening that a half an hour of cartoons or hockey calms him down enough to allow a smooth transition to bed.

Hopefully, as Baby G grows up, he’ll be a little more interested in hanging out than he is now, and we’ll be able to calm him down with a book or some toys. Recently, I’ve also made it a goal of mine to shut off the TV when I get home to discourage him from getting hooked.


One Response to Study: TV causes kids physical harm

  1. Iqaluit Dog says:

    At the heart of the ‘too much TV-watching’ issue is the fact both parents are now almost required to work outside of the home. Coupled with increased stress at work, that leaves little time for proper ‘kid time’ at home at the end of a long day.

    After a day at the office or factory it’s difficult for many parents to come home and want to do anything but ‘de-stress’ and relax. The lure of having a quiet home for a couple of hours before bed is too great and sitting a child in front of a TV is the perfect remedy.

    TV, video games and increased leniency are the pacifiers of school-aged children.

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