Kids toys reflect competitive world

As the world grow more competitive, parents are looking to ways in giving their kids a competitive edge.

If C-NET’s Caroline McCarthy is correct about her observations at the AITF, expect even more “smart toys” to flood the market in coming years.

Prior to reading this article, I hadn’t really reflected much on the desire of many parents to see their kids get “best” of everything, including an education. Friends of ours, who aren’t wealthy by any means, are extremely happy their three-year-old was accepted into a high-end pre-school, beating out 300 other applicants in the process. I think the fees are $1,500 CDN a month.

Another couple we know is attempting to get their child into a $2,000 CDN a month Montessori pre-school that demands the kids wear uniforms and do some kind of Yoga exercises every morning.

Fortunately for Baby G, I don’t have the cash or desire to submit him to high-pressure schooling at the tender age of three. I’m hoping some time spent focusing on his needs and interests will spur him onto great things. Right now he’s pretty content watching hockey at 5 p.m. and kicking his feet in the bath, so it’s pretty easy going so far…


One Response to Kids toys reflect competitive world

  1. Freyburg says:

    Damn straight! It’s entirely possible those kids will grow into our elite overlords due to their early schooling and enrichment, but quite frankly I went though public schools and it didn’t hurt me any. I recall the International Baccalaureate kids at my high school as generally insufferable douches, and as far as I know they aren’t a whole lot further int he world than the rest of us. In conclusion…meh.

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