What happened to playing outside?

Fisher-Price is hoping a stationary bike for kids that allows them to play videos games while “exercising” is going to help the company capture an even larger share of the toy market.

I think this toy sends the wrong message to parents.

Putting kids on stationary bikes instead of encouraging them to go outside to play is not the right approach to fighting childhood obesity. Being a parent who lives in an apartment on the 19th floor, I know getting my child outside to run around takes a bit of work and supervision, but I’m willing to commit to that to ensure he is healthy and happy.

In North America, I’m in the minority.

The majority of people living in the U.S. and Canada occupy homes in safe, quiet neighbourhoods where children can play outside. There is absolutely no reason to put a child on a stationary bike in front of a TV to get some exercise when you are living in this kind of setting. Nor is there a reason to do it if you’re living in a city.

Parks offer parents a place to take their kids to run around. And if that’s not good enough, take them to a community centre to play in the pool or gym.

Yes, supervising a child may be a little work, and teaching them to ride a bike takes time, but isn’t that what being a parent is all about? As far as I’m concerned, sticking a child on a stationary bike in front of a TV to play video games is just lazy parenting.


One Response to What happened to playing outside?

  1. Solnushka says:

    Dear god, that is just wrong.

    And surely the thing wouldn’t get used in any case? Mumy’s exercise bike cum clothes horse can sit next to junior’s.

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