CBC sadness: Brave New Waves is gone.

As you get older, you realize things change. If you are an optimist, you think it’s for the better and move on. I hope this is the case with CBC’s decision to pull the plug on Brave New Waves. But with the CBC, you never know.

The news of the show’s demise saddened me. Though I’ve only listened to it periodically over the past couple of years due to the fact I have a 9 to 5 job, I was glad to know it was still there playing the music you’d never hear anywhere else.

As a redneck from Prince George, who knew little about anything more than top 40 music, BNW was a breath of fresh air. I still remember being blown away one night on my way home from my warehouse job when I discovered the show while flipping through crappy mainstream stations. After that day, the show was always on if I was awake beyond midnight.

On occassion, I’d find myself staying up an extra hour to hear a feature artist, or sitting in my car for 20 minutes to listen for the name of a group that had been played earlier in a set. Like no other radio show, it changed the way I listened to and viewed music.

Often I’d leave the show on too long in my studio apartment, and find myself waking up to some crazy DJ who was experimenting with hammers and chisels, but it was all good – I loved the fact there was a show out there pushing the boundaries of sound and music.

Like it’s little sister, Radio 3, BNW did a hell of a lot more for the independent Canadian music scene than Can Con rules ever did. It recognized and featured Canadian bands that would have never been played on the radio otherwise.

I hope something new will emerge besides podcasts on Sirius of BNW that will give a voice to the bizarre and extreme, as I’d like my son to be able to explore sound and vision beyond the mainstream and college radio, which tends to sound a lot alike if you listen to it too much.


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