Smiles, laughs and a good night’s sleep

The little guy has developed quite a personality.

I’m finding I rush home from work to see him these days. Apart from being generally cute, he’s starting to laugh and focus more on myself and Momma J.

Tonight he was taking a short nap at five when I came home, but when he heard me, he started crying. Once he was up, he was a happy little bugger.  We are finding he likes to sit with us at the dinner table and watch us eat. It seems like he’s a lot like his mom – a lover or ritual.

Once we’re done, we do the evening chores and send him to bed around 7:30 or so. He’s been going down great, and I’m starting to worry I’m going to become one of those parents who fear being out past his bedtime because it’s nice that he goes down so easily. Again, he seems like his mom in this regard, who also happens to be sleeping at 8 p.m. tonight.

What’s scary about all of this, is the fact I feel I’m going soft. I used to think the little fella would have to adapt to our schedule if we were out. For the most part this has been true, but after messing him up a lot over the holidays, I’m beginning to enjoy an early-to-bed routine myself.

It gives me a chance to have some down time from work, so I can recharge for the next day, as well as sit down and do some blogging.


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