In-game ads. Why not?

With the explosion of gaming and the acceptance of it as an alternative form of entertainment to television and film, I’m sure the little fella will be begging for the newest system on the market when he gets a little older.

I’ll oblige as long as he doen’t turn out like these guys.

I don’t get the whole anti-advertising mentality of hard-core gamers. It’s not like like gaming is any different than TV or film. As games get more expensive and more people steal them, the companies that make them have to find alternative forms of revenue to have the dough to keep the machine running.

We do live in a capitalist-run world after all and gamers are very much a part of it. Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry that employs many of these men-folk (and a few women) who complain about intrusive advertising.

With such a captive medium to exploit, it’s no wonder advertisers are targeting them. Besides it’s not like this is an evil thing to do. A lot of these guys (and a few gals) are consumers with money to burn.


3 Responses to In-game ads. Why not?

  1. Freyburg says:

    Depends on the game. I’ve got no problem with in game ads for sports games, or racing sims, or even for Grand Theft Auto and its ilk…..but I beter not see ads in Gears of War, Oblivion, or other games set in a distant place and time. Games are supposed to be immersive, and would actually add to the “you are there” feeling in say, a baseball game. But in an alien world or a medieval setting, it’ll just take me out of the game.

    And if they somehow reduced the price of games by putting in advertising, that’d be great. But it’s more likely that, like movie theatres, they’d jam a pile of ads in front of the main event and STILL bilk me.

  2. killahmullet says:

    Fair enough.

    There are other means of gaining revenue companies are using. In Asia, I believe some games are free due to piracy. Companies are making their money from advertising, add ons and action figures.

    My beef is with the attitude of gamers. When I hear them complaining about corporate interference, it’s like they don’t get the fact that somebody has to make money off of this stuff for it to exist.

    It’s not like companies advertising in games are pushing useless goods on poor Africans who don’t need it. They are pushing useless goods on people who are willing often sit around the house for hours playing games before going out to the mall to buy some of the crap being advertised to them.

    Yes this is wasteful. And yes it is sad for some. But it’s the world we live in until the power goes out.

  3. Warren Frey says:

    Well, though the average age of gamers is rising, the ones you’ll hear from most often are angry, acne ridden 14-year-olds, who probably couldn’t find their ass with two hands and a map. They (along with fanatical Mac fans and Linux snobs) give a bad name to the rest of us erudite, urbane, and flat out sextastic gamers. 🙂

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