Back to work

Holidays are over and so is my cold.

The past few days have been spent watching TV and drinking lemon tea to boost my immune system. Luckily the little fella is still not showing signs of a cold. Unfortunately his mom is coming down with something, so I may be speaking too soon.

During my convalescence, I watched the entire first season of the HBO series Deadwood. I hadn’t heard about it before, and I was quite impressed by the production quality, acting and writing. Westerns cost big money, so it is pretty amazing HBO keeps this show going.

I recommend it to anyone looking to spend a few days on the couch doing nothing. The only problem with the show is the swearing. If you have a young child who is beginning to acquire language it would be best to put them to bed before watching any of the shows.

The little fella was watching some of it with me, and I began to worry his first word would be cocksucker. If this is the case, I probably won’t be able to blame the show considering this is one of my favourite cuss words. I tend to use it a lot when I’m driving around town in the crummy traffic these days.

I’m now addicted to Firefly, another series that our pop culture guru friend lent Momma J to watch during her time at home with the little guy. It’s no Deadwood, but I’m weak when it comes to these things.


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