Canucks kid attracting a lot of attention

My brother bought us this cover for the little guy’s car seat/buggy carrier to protect him from the cold and Toronto Maple Leafs fans.

Canuck force field

It’s not really our style, but on a practical side we’re finding it quiet useful on these chilly winter days.

If you own a similar car seat I suggest getting one of these, but go for a neutral colour and negate the team logo if you don’t want to people to comment on it.

I encountered a bit of what Momma J has been telling me about today when I was pushing him around some stores while doing some Christmas shopping. A cashier even yelled out “Go Canucks Go” as we walked away with our Christmas purchases.

The funniest remarks came during one of Momma J’s visits to the local liquor store where they listen to the games over the load speakers during work. One of the guys working there were saying, “hey, he’s asleep just like the Canucks were last night.”

Not being a hockey fan, Momma J didn’t know how to respond. She doesn’t watch or care much about the games, so she finds this kind of attention a little embarrassing.


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