I spoke too soon

It’s not over. There will be another yellow wiggle.

Who in their right mind works as an understudy to a wiggle anyway?


2 Responses to I spoke too soon

  1. Freyburg says:

    I’m at a loss as to the significance of these Wiggles. I’ve heard of them, and apparently they’re favorites in the alt-parent set, the ones who cling to indie rock but succumb to hip versions of Raffi.

    And in that vein….


    Much as we fought it, we’re all becoming yuppies. Read up, Gen Y, your unavoidable embrace with responsibility-laden doucheism is a mere 10 years away! 🙂

  2. killahmullet says:

    My Yuppie diagnosis: High-End Denier.
    You are willing to spend whatever it takes to keep from looking like The Man. Your loft is consciously boho, not SoHo.

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