Northern instinct

It snowed a ton in Vancouver today.

This morning we were supposed to head out to Coquitlam for a visit with Momma J’s sister. Because of the road conditions, we chose not to risk an accident or being stranded with the little guy in the car.

As a guy who grew up in Prince George where it was a good year if it hadn’t snowed by Halloween this decision was tough to swallow – especially when I own an all-wheel drive Subaru that is designed for conquering these types of weather conditions.

So when I got the call from the guy who organizes our Sunday hockey to say the game was still on, I was thrilled. Because the guys “need the goalie”, I had an excuse jump in the car and test out its mettle in these adverse conditions.

Even with all season tires, the car was great in the snow and I arrived safely at the rink. Unfortunately only three others showed up, so we didn’t play.

For a minute I was thinking my decision to risk being hit by some idiot who was driving around with bald tires was a dumb one. That is until Rob showed up in his all-wheel drive with a huge smile on his face. Like me, he grew up where there was a ton of snow, so he was itching to get out and spin his tires.

Even though I’m a new dad and am a lot more responsible these days, I’ll never be able to suppress the northern blood that courses through my veins. If I see snow, I have to go out and pull the e-brake at least once.


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