So the little guy got his first shots today. I think it was more traumatic for Momma J than it was for him.

He’s usually a pretty quiet little guy, so hearing him scream at the top of his lungs as the doctor stuck him with four needles was a bit much for his mum. I didn’t hear the screams because I was out in the waiting room watching the buggy and all of our valuables.

When the little fellow emerged from the room, he didn’t look any worse for wear and was pretty calm. We had planned to return home if he was fussy or agitated, but he was so peaceful we were able to go out for lunch and do a bunch of shopping too.

Upon returning home, he had a huge crying fit – something very rare for him. Momma J thought it had to do with a lingering pain from the needles, so she asked I give him some Baby Tylenol. I don’t really believe in drugs unless they are absolutely necessary, but I followed orders.

My instincts told me his crying was due to the fact he had just spent five minutes peeing all over himself and the change table while half naked. Usually he gets a little angry after we take him out of his warm car seat, and his changing room was a little cold. I know I’d be angry if someone woke me up and yanked my pants off after a few hours of napping in a cosy chair.

Like all babies, once he gets worked up it takes awhile to calm him down. The circumstances of the day and his unusual behaviour freaked his mum out, hence her decision to feed him the drugs.

A few minutes later, we figured out the root of the problem when he dispensed one of his legendary poops for us to dispose of. Once this was done, he returned to his usual mellow self.

Later when I bathed him, I felt a little more empathy for little guy when I saw his five blood-soaked bandages on his legs. It’s no wonder babies want to stay in the womb. As soon as they are introduced to this world they are poked and prodded with needles and the like.

Apparently the next time we go for shots, I’m the one who has to go in the room. Momma J can’t take another experience of seeing the little fellow in so much pain.


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