Quiet time tough to find

With the boil-water advisory continuing, it’s been tough to sit down and relax with the little fella. As he becomes more active and aware, we’re finding he requires more stimuli and different types of attention as well.

One thing that kind of works is reading aloud. Being the social fella that he is, Baby G really enjoys having a book read to him. I find setting aside half an hour or so to read anything to him calms him down. Once I begin, he’ll lay there listening and staring. Once in while he’ll even throw in the odd yelp or smile.

As everyone who has been subjected to proud new parents has heard, these are the magical moments. And they truly are. A few weeks ago there were no rewards except peace and quiet for calming him down. Now he’s interacting with smiles, as he tries to communicate back what he’s hearing, which is pretty damn cool.

The downside to all of this is the fact he gets bored easily. In order to entertain him,  we’ve got to come up with more just idle chatter and book reading. This is where the vibrating chair comes in handy.

For any parent struggling to calm your kid down. Buy one of these and you’ll be amazed. He’s so addicted to the thing now, he’ll sit in one the doesn’t vibrate and calm down.

It not only calms him down, but it loosens him up for the legendary poops he is becoming famous for.


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