Work perks for parents

I’m finding there are more than just personal rewards to being a parent. When you have a kid – especially a new baby – people at work and in the street give you a more of a break.

Since Baby G came along, I’ve pulled out the parent card to make excuses about having to miss a meeting or event. It’s been a legitimate excuse with him being new and all, but in doing it, I realized it can be a powerful tool one must use sparingly. Kind of like the force or a deadly martial art.

This notion was confirmed by a work friend who says she’s got out of parking tickets and other sticky situations when she has one of her two children in tow.

I’ve also noticed that fellow parents at work quietly see me as part “the club”. This allows me to come in a little later at times, or take a morning off to tend to a sick child. All in all it’s quite nice to know others understand.

Of course there is a downside too, because when you’re off work it is going to be for a legitimate reason. Nevertheless, some studies show that non-parents often don’t understand or sympathize with these excuses – especially when they disrupt work flow.

These people often forget that when they take a day off they have it all to themselves….


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