It’s their party, they can cry if they want to

Baby G attended his first birthday party today – I didn’t.


As you can see from the photo, the little fella is pretty thrilled to be at the party. I think he takes after his father.

When I heard about this party, I chose to head to work to get some stuff done in order to get some time off in the next couple of weeks. I also fear these gatherings, which usually feature about 20 kids high on sugar and intoxicated by the fact they have been released to tear apart someone else’s home.

Even though I have a child, I fear getting caught in the parent trap of attending birthdays every other weekend. I’m sure I go to my fair share in the end, and the little guy needs to make some friends, but gatherings with over 3 or 4 kids fill me with dread. Just because I’m a parent doesn’t mean I’ve lost my ability to chose where I spend my free time.

Speaking of free time, I’m turning the TV off more often and using the time Baby G sleeps to read some books. I’ve just finished The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

For new parents out there – especially new fathers – this may not be the book for you. It follows the bleak journey of a father and son in post apocalyptic America as they make their way to a better life in the south.

It’s wonderfully written, with sparse verse and the absense of proper punctuation to further drive home the point the world as we know it has come to an end, but as new father experiencing every thrilling moment of his new son’s first few weeks on this earth, it’s a tough read.

The relationship the father has with his son is tragic and beautiful. During their hopeless journey, the man trys to uphold his moral standards and he struggles with the idea they’re remaining alive is pointless. In the end, you’re left wondering if the struggle and responsibility of parenthood is worth the effort.

Like I said, it’s a great book. For me it reinforces the reason why I became a parent – I want to enjoy and experience the good and bad life with a family by my side. For others who aren’t in the best frame of mind, it may deepen their angst and fear.

I also finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to the little fella the other night. It’s a much happier book and worth picking up for both parent and child.


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