Magic moments contiued…

After starting my post last night the little guy woke up and required some boob juice. After he was fed and content, I crashed on the floor beside him until 12 p.m. As usual, Momma J got up and took over, and I headed to bed, so I wasn’t able to continue my previous post.

Now that he’s six weeks old, the little fella requires real attention. By this I mean he wants to be entertained. A few days ago he started cooing and smiling a bit, and he’s now able to stick his fist in his mouth half of the times he tries – I’ve decided he’s a genius, of course.

These new abilities are a double-edged sword; as a new parent they are thrilling and fascinating, but they also mean he requires a lot more attention than in the past.
To retain our sanity and get some stuff done around the house, we’ve began sitting him in a vibrating chair that our friends gave us. Most of the time he’ll sit in it without needing any more stimuli, but every now and again he wants to stare out the window or watch the TV.

Oh yes, the little fella is beginning to discover the evil idiot box – I’m finding he loves hockey, which seems to have something to do with the high contrast and lots of movement.

Before we had him, like many high-minded non-parents, I swore my child wouldn’t watch TV. But as I’ve grown older, wiser and more open-minded, I realize depriving a kid of TV, video games or the Internet will only backfire. By eliminating these things from his life, I’d be setting him up for multiple beatings in the schoolyard for not being able to relate to his peers.

Sure sitting him in front of the TV at such a young age may seem like lazy parenting and some studies suggest it is bad for development, but if it’s only for 10 or 15 minutes and I’m able to get 20 things done in that time that would pile up otherwise then it is fine in my books. Reducing stress and making sure the house runs smoothly means a more peaceful existence for everyone, which benefits the whole household.

Besides I have full confidence he will only watch a limited amount of TV over time because we’re going to keep him active and engaged throughout his childhood.


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