Blame it on the baby

My hockey skills have diminished since the little fella has come along.

As a goalie, I’m always looking to blame someone for a bad game, and unfortunately after five in a row, it’s tough to blame my defence or the forwards for not coming back. I can’t even blame bad bounces or bad puck luck for my dismal performances. Nor can I blame myself because that just wouldn’t sit right with the international goalie guild.

So, like any superstitious goalie, I had to look deeply into the past to see what could be to blame for my bad play. After a stellar season last year and a ton of summer hockey, the only new thing that could be affecting my game is the baby. Sure I have some new gear, but I used it this summer and it wasn’t an issue. I also bought some new skates in early September before my game began to slip, but I used them and they were awesome from day one, so it’s got to be the little fella.

I’m not sure what to do about bumping the slump because taking him back is out of the question – besides he’s way too cute.


Maybe the only solution it to move back to my hometown and play pond hockey every night until my game comes back.


Whatever I do, I better improve or I’m not going to be invited back to play at the Arbutus Club in the new year…


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