Cutting into the beer budget

A few years ago, I never thought I’d look into my fridge and see baby bottles competing for space with my beer, but it’s happening.

Beer and bottles

Now that we’re parents I’m finding my beer drinking is down substantially. It’s not a safety issue, as I never drank that much before, but I’m finding myself a little more budget conscious these days. The cost of Baby G’s move to formula has been a bit of shock to the system – a jar of powder costs just about as much as a 12-pack of beer, around $22 taxes in.

Sadly, this new strain on household expenses has turned me into someone I never wanted to be: a coupon clipper. And worse, Momma J is subjecting me to embarrassing shopping moments in order to get a deal on baby items.

On Saturday, we went to London Drugs to bulk buy some formula because Momma J discovered that Baby G’s brand had a $5 coupon attached to the jar. Thinking ahead – he goes through a can a week – we decided to buy four. We took them up to the service counter and found out only one coupon could be used per purchase, so Momma J, admitting the Chinese was coming out in her to the clerk, demanded he ring in all four bottles separately.

This would have been fine with me if she stood there while they were rung in, but she didn’t. And since the service counter is also the only place people can buy cigarettes in London Drugs, I wasn’t a popular guy, as all I had on hand was my Visa. The whole ordeal took about 15 minutes, and I escaped without being attacked by some nicotine addict. We also saved $20 on formula.

Momma J was proud of herself for saving enough for another can of formula, but I had other ideas. On the way home from hockey the next day, I used the imaginary savings to pick up a six-pack (the very beers in the photo that are competing for fridge space with Baby G’s bottles.)

The funny thing is, whenever I open the fridge to grab one of these beer, I laugh at the diaper coupons building up under our mullet fridge magnets. Apparently we’re signed up with Huggies…I can’t wait to go back to London Drugs this weekend.


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