Bicycle kicks

It’s been a busy day today: Momma J had another shower, I put in a game of hockey and Baby G hung out with his Grandma.

After another monumental poop this afternoon, Baby G continued to fuss and grunt into the evening. We thought it was the formula, but after looking at a couple of dishes Momma J’s mother cooked for her a couple of days ago, we’re not sure. One dish is Chinese cabbage and a bunch of other stuff I can’t name, and the other is beef, onion and garlic with some pepper for spice.

Add a little chocolate into the mix, and everything Momma G had eaten on Thursday and Friday was a recipe for a gassy Baby G – onions, cabbage, garlic, chocolate and spicy foods all contribute to gas. It’s no wonder the little guy cranked up the fuss in the last couple of days.

With this in mind, we started a little bicycle kick action, and I’m truly amazed how well it works on the little fella. After two minutes of moving his tiny legs in a circular motion, he really lets it rip.

Prior to Baby G’s birth, I read very little because I believed I would learn from experience. This worked until we brought him home, and is true to some extent. But now that he’s here, I’ve changed my tune and am reading every day – knowledge truly is power. Without reading about the bicycle kick and gassy food, I would have kept carrying him around when he fussed, which would have led to a lot of stress, misery and sleepless nights.

Thanks to a simple suggestion, I’m here typing, while Baby G and Momma J catch a few minutes of much needed sleep.


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