Poop watch

Like every guy, I’ve had some legendary bowel movements that I’ve been able to brag to friends about, but I never thought I would be so interested with another person’s poop.

In this case he’s not really a person yet, but Baby G seems to be a little plugged up these days. Back when we were having trouble feeding him, we noticed he wasn’t pooping and peeing like we had read in our many baby books. So we were quite relieved when we put him on a formula diet and he started to fill his pants on a regular basis. He was healthy and we were happy.
Now after two and half weeks on formula, we’re finding the little guy is having some problems. From what we’ve read, he’s supposed to be going number two at least once or twice in a 24-hour period, but he’s slowed down in the last few days, and hasn’t had a dump since yesterday at 8 a.m.

NEWS FLASH: I’ve just returned from spending ten minutes cleaning up one of his biggest craps ever. So, once again, I breath a sigh of relief and can chalk my concern up to being a rookie father.

However, I do want to say all of our fears were not unfounded. We returned a new type of formula we were using because it was not mixing well. Even after shaking vigorously we found unmixed chunks at the bottom of bottles and the mixes bubbled up a lot, which seemed to give him big-time gas problems. Last night he was up for hours farting, and burping and fussing. Tonight, back on the old stuff we were using before, he’s crashed out like usual, which is great, because now I can head to bed and enjoy tonight’s extra hour of sleep.

We bought the formula that gave him problems because it was a thicker mix that was supposed to discourage spitting up. For all of you new parents out there, I would suggest sticking with what works and don’t go for any quick fixes.


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